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Crossover’s signature product was one that provided productivity monitoring and coaching tools to all of the employees and contractors within their network. The interface itself was designed long before I started working for them, however, I did have the amazing experience of updating the product branding, and conducting UX research in order to present improvement reccomendations. 

I was personally responsible for the product branding and concepts for improving the experience.

Product Logo + Identity

Sales + Marketing Support

I developed a system of brochures and targeted whitepapers to aid the Sales and Marketing teams in their customer conversations. 

The process involved interviewing stakeholders in the departments that needed the material, as well as working with architects and support team members in order to compile the technical information within each document in a way that would be meaningful to a variety of audience segments with diverse levels of technical comprehension.


Customer Segmentation

In order to create a meaningful experience for our customer we had to create a product brand that was flexible enough to evolve with the user experience within our complex business ecosystem, without being in-accessable to newcomers, or users with a limited technical vocabulary.

To achieve this, I lead a team of 3 through an exercise in user persona identification and audience segmentation that helped us to outline the backbone of our product brand. This document aided us in developing a proposal for a whole new kind of user experience within our product ecosystem.


User Experience Design

This proposal combined typical UX practices with entrepreneurial business modeling and journalism strategies in order to create a more meaningful platform for user engagement across the portfolio of our parent companies product system. It was built upon 2 years worth of UX and UI experimentation and data collection.

The end product included a roadmap for the service model of our SaaS product offering, as well as a standard technological product roadmap.





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