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Ugly Apparel Product Brand

Ugly Apparel is a clothing line I designed in my time in an entrepreneurship bootcamp hosted by  the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy at the University of the Arts and Wells Fargo. It was inspired by the time I spent as a tattoo artist and combined tattoo design principles with up and coming print technology of the time. 

I received multiple grants to build and expand the product brand, and also launched a successful Kickstarter in order to scale up manufacturing and bring my products to market.  

This project was my gateway to product brand design. I created everything from the corporate identity, to the designs being offered to sale. It also challenged me to design and execute my own content marketing campaigns. The exercise ultimately resulted in me being able to work with big brands all over the world. 

Product Logo + Identity

Clothing Line

I designed a full collection of fashion prints and art directed the photo shoot for the look book. The project involved sourcing and managing a team of photographers, videographers, models and stylists. 

The project resulted in a full library of custom content to aid in the kickstarter campaign as well as B2B and B2C sales. 


During the Kickstarter campaign, I raised $10,500 towards my $10K goal. This allowed me to build a larger inventory and increase my manufacturing capabilities. I designed all of the graphics for the campaign marketing effort, as well as all of the stretch goal products.

The process has greatly informed my future work on Kickstarter campaigns for startups and established product brands alike.



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