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Hack – Children’s Coding Software

Hack is a Linux based educational tool for children of all ages. With it the user can unlock coding and STEAM driven challenges to practice their computer science skills.

The problem: Hack needed a better way to reach non-Linux users.

The solution:

  • Hack Web: A cross-platform demo tool that allowed non-Liniux users to discover and engage wit Hack.

I was personally responsible for contributing UX and UI designs for this project.

Dialogue Updates

The original solution to the desktop dialogue needed updating in order to be brought in line with the user experience for the Web portion of the product.

I was responsible for providing concept art, wireframes, and low fidelity prototypes to support the engineering and leadership teams as we worked toward a solution.

Collapsible Tome

The Tome section of the GUI was an element that allowed us to provide nested instructional user interactions at the desktop level, while allowing for a a guided learning experience through 3rd party programs.

Redlines + IA

This experience had to play nice with Web and Linux technologies alike. Detailed specs and assets had to be built and laid out in support of engineering efforts.

Style Refresh

The navigation style was updated to include a card based GUI that was more responsive than the first iteration of the games menu interface.

High-fi Prototype

We build a fully functional proof of concept to facilitate phase 1 user testing across all categories of instruction



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