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Chat UI + Product Brand

Crossover developed their own internal chat tool. I was charged with designing the product branding and carrying it through the user interface in the form of logos, iconography, and screen flows for all mobile and desktop versions of the application. I managed a team of 2 designers in the process. We collaborated with 2 development teams to bring it to life. 

I was personally responsible for the branding of this project

I worked with a team of designers to implement into a UI design, based on the wireframes provided by the chat product development team

Product Logo + Identity

User Experience Design

Once the MVP was launched, we relied on user feedback in order to drive feature/product improvements. We built a wizard to help users submit feedback we could monitor in real-time.

User Interface Design

My team was responsible for brand development and styling the product interface. We were given a UX model to work with and were then required to provide prototypes and asset libraries to aid the development team in bringing the final product to market.


Our team produced wireframes to test and perfect user suggestions, and articulate them to the development team.

Mobile Optimization

We also provided assets and documentation to support mobile versions of the product on Andriod and ios.

Product Marketing

We worked closely with the product marketing team to develop graphics for targeted e-mail campaigns and other user interactions taking place outside of the interface itself.


Our team provided prototypes for every step along the way to help demonstrate the full scope of our vision to the development teams. This prototypes were essential to our process as they allowed us to communicate about what was possible technologically, while advocating for the clearest possible user experience for our end users.



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