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Candidate Assessment Suite

Crossover’s main value proposition was centered around “the top 1% of talent in the world”. In order to stay true to this, candidates were required to meet a certain standard over a series of technical exams before being assigned to a role. 

I was personally responsible for the ux research and ui styles on this project.

I worked with a team of designers who provided support for wire frames and user segmentation strategies.

Candidate User Experience Research

The first stage in this project comprised of studying the existing product system and mapping out the user journey. This product debt assessment allowed us to identify existing opportunities for improvement, as well as existing instances of success. It also provided crucial data to allow us to identify user personas and necessary segments within the user experience. 

Basic Fit Fail

Before a user could open an application, they were often required to take a basic fit assessment. This was based on key elements for success within a role, as identified by the hiring manager, in order to minimize applications that were not a reasonable fit. The goal was to be respectful of the time commitment required by the hiring manager and the applicant.

If a user failed, they could not continue, but their answers allowed us to respond with recommendations for roles that might be a better fit if any were available.

Basic Fit Pass

If users passed the basic fit assessment, they were let through the first gate and into the product that managed the application process.

This application would present the user with various tests, depending upon the role. It also included a profile section where the user could host a portfolio and resume within the system. This was designed to help users store their application results for future applications throughout the life of their career within the Crossover network.

Technical Trial

Most candidates were also required to complete a series of technical tests. Because Crossover’s workforce was employed and evaluated 100% remotely, these tests were a critical part of hiring and career advancement. 

Our team developed improvements to the user interface and experience within the technical trial, based on the research we did while completing the journey map assessment.

Test Administrator Panel

Candidates were not the only ones who were required to move through the technical trial interface. Hiring managers needed a way to be able to set up, administer and assess performance on a given test. We also provided basic wireframes and prototypes for improvement to this part of the user journey.



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