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 Brand Ambassador Week

In addition to their digital presence, Crossover needed help developing assets and experiences to support a physical presence at hiring tournaments and trade shows. I developed the data scientist icon to the left, complete with elements from the UI of Crossover’s signature product. This symbol was used across the full spectrum of Brand Ambassador marketing materials tournaments and shows all over the world.

 I was the lead designer for this effort and worked in partnership with a system of local and global brand ambassador teams, as well as a centralized marketing team. 

Logo Brand + SWAG

Booth Experience

This project included experiential design elements for a pop-up a trade show environment including a counter, backwall, and banner designs. Promotional items in the form of SWAG and marketing collateral were included in the campaign. 

Many of the elements were designed to be re-used at other events throughout the year, so we had to design with those spaces in mind as well.  

Marketing Collateral

 Brochures and T-shirts were the most common form a marketing collateral I would design for Brand Ambassadors. We created a full library of items unique to each country to help with recruiting efforts. 



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