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I design products.

Product design can mean a number of things.

It can mean working on the logos and graphics that make up a brand or corporate identity. It can mean designing interfaces for software applications or websites. Or it can mean designing the services and interactions that make up the experience of engaging with a product or company. My professional experience spans all of these aspects of product design.

Work Samples

Chat Messenger

Internal messenger application for Crossover for Work.

Alan Ai
User adoption platform for product transition support.


Corporate identity, marketing collateral, and web design.

Testing Platform
A candidate testing product system.

A Linux distro.

BA Week

Brand Ambassador global event experience design.

Ugly Apparel
Product brand, fashion line, and Kickstarter campaign.

Rebranding a productivity platform for Crossover for Work.

Meow Meow Pow Pow
Corporate identity for online literary community.

A children’s coding education game.



[ these brands did, too ]



Kelly has a rare set of talents that blend innovative creativity with functionality. I have hired, trained and worked with many designers and illustrators in my 28-year career. Most are excellent at creatively defining space. Many are skilled with technology. Some are even good at solving problems with visual language. What is rare, truly rare, is the ability to do all this and understand how it all comes together in business.”

– Beth Brodovsky

President : Iris Creative Group, Inc.

I had the awesome experience of working with Kelly when she contracted for Kotis Design’s DesignNet.  

Kelly is one of the most talented and hardest working people I’ve ever come in contact with. She has a level of passion for her work that is unmatched. She strives to be better and will continuously take on projects that challenge her skills with results that always go above expectations.”

-Nate Creed

Art Director : Lantern Press

Kelly and I started with a student-teacher relationship. She has morphed into an integral part of my professional network, as I leveraged her sphere of contacts in local apparel manufacturing to help my former PhilaU students. I find Kelly to be a great listener, a keen observer, and a consummate connector. She can absorb diverse information quickly; above all, she is one divergent thinker.”

– Thomas T. Fung

Assistant Professor of Instruction : Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management : Fox School of Business Temple University

Ms. Meissner combines a passion for her work, a commitment to the communities she works with, and a fingertip understanding of the problems, challenges and potential that comes when linking technology and design. Taken together, her openness to others, willingness to collaborate as well as to teach and mentor others is the stuff that makes leaders in business and in community building.”

-Neil Kleinman

Professor of innovation & Entrepreneurship : Director of the Corzo Center for the Creative Economy : The University of the Arts